Local pearl traders have long learnt the importance and necessity of a concerted effort in promoting Chinese freshwater pearls, but they just busied themselves at business extension in the past few years. As nowadays Hong Kong pearl industry has taken shape, with mature operation environment, it was an opportune time to set up their association. HKPA was established finally on 16 November 2001. On 6 May 2010, the fifth Committee Board has been elected. The official inauguration was held on 20 July 2010.

By now, HKPA has nearly 80 members. They are pearl traders engaging in all kinds of business related to Chinese freshwater pearls or other pearl categories, namely cultivating, processing, exporting, importing, wholesaling, retailing, etc. Many of them make strong investments in Mainland China, which are in large-scale and internationalized. The founding of this HKPA is based on the priority of protecting members' interests. Despite its commercial nature, we also commit to the cause of social responsibility. Therefore we wish to make the following objectives known to our members:

  1. Serve Hong Kong pearl industry.
  2. Safeguard the lawful rights and interests of pearl traders.
  3. Stabilize the production order of the pearl industry.
  4. Further mutual understanding, fraternal cooperation and experience sharing among companies coming from pearl industry and other related industries.
  5. Improve technology and scientific management of the pearl industry.
  6. Strengthen the competitive power of Chinese freshwater pearl in the international market.
  7. Observe the constitutions, laws and related ordinances of the HKSAR, so to promote the local pearl industry as well as contribute to the economics in a constructive and positive way.

Member rights
Besides, HKPA members enjoy rights

  • to vote and to be voted,
  • to participate in all the member conventions and association activities,
  • to use services provided in priority,
  • to suggest and criticize the work of HKPA,
  • to freely join and leave HKPA in writing form, and
  • to request help for lawful interests related to the pearl industry.

Member duties

On the other hand, HKPA members have to perform duties including

  • to carry out resolutions reached at conferences,
  • to obey regulations set by HKPA,
  • to defend the lawful interests of HKPA,
  • to complete jobs assigned by HKPA,
  • to submit membership fee on time, and
  • to express opinions and provide related information in case necessary.

As regards the planning of future campaigns, HKPA bases on the following directions:

  1. Organize wide ranges of activities which provide physical and psychological well-being
    for members and also manufacturers from other trades.
  2. Encourage fair competition and overall development by standardizing codes of conduct
    and regulations of the pearl industry.
  3. Arrange useful interchanges of ideas in technique, transaction, management skills, etc.,
    so to enhance both the production quantity and quality of pearl products.
  4. Collect and share related market information and data through commercial campaigns.
  5. Help members to overcome their operation difficulties.

HKPA // Members of The Third & Forth Cabinet (20xx-20xx)

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